To Learn More Foreign Languages


A psychologist said that I am over curious. She told me it is good and make me know everything, but too much is not good. It was true what she said. Curiosity encourages me to learn many things. When I was a child, I even want to know what the feeling of dead people. I also want to know how hurt it was to fall down into the well, to be hit by car, etc. It was horrible.

But now, I want to understand many foreign language. My first language is Madura, but it was only spoken language. I also speak Javanese (Spoken only). I also speak and write Bahasa Indonesia and English. I started learning English when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school. Those foreign languages I want to learn are:

1) Spanish

I like the sound of this language. The first time I got interested in Spanish was when I listened to Josh Groban’ song Alejate. The sound is so beautiful. Then I started finding some tutorials and try to use it. I found some Facebook groups for Spanish learners. It is also the second most used language in America.

2) Mandarin

I got interested in Mandarin after I read a book which was translated into Bahasa Indonesia in the library of my campus. The book was a history book of Chinese Literature. How great Chinese people in the past appreciate poetry. Even many kingdoms use poetry as a tool to recruit staff of the king. Chinese literature is also high value, having a lot of moral teaching.

3) Russian

A long ago, I was interested in French after I heard about Surrealism which was found by André Breton in French. I also heard that French is known as romantic country. However, After the conflict of Russia – Ukraine, I watched a lot of video on cnn, bbc, Al Jazeera, PressTV, etc. about the conflict. I did it almost every day. I was engaging with Russian language through the videos. I was curious about the writing system which was different from others.

4) French

Many people in my country Indonesia learn French. People who can speak French are easy to find job here. I learned it last year, self learning, but I gave up because of the pronunciation. It was so strange for me. But, I will learn it later.

5) German

I am not interested in German, actually, but I like the people. They are discipline. German is the Europe economic power, isn’t it. It is also the popular language to be learned by people in my country.


When I was there
It was really different
the sun was not in the east
and the afternoon didn’t come yet
It was not a noon
It was not that I had expected
because the moon was not here
there was no flickering star
the condition forced me to hardly thinking
and I was like the stupid man who never know what other know
My step slowly moved
I didn’t know where
I tried to look behind
I looked nothing
But I believe that I was so closed
and will find what I was looking for
I believe without knowing where’s the path
It will never end

I will find


Story of A Seller

Some of people here don’t like become a seller. They think that be a seller is a hard life, can’t sleep at night, have to work hard, and so on. There are so many reason of will not being a seller. And so do I. if I think about what I am doing, promote some products without guarantee of being sold, it’s really hard. But, I don’t know, I have done it repeatedly, first I worked as a seller in my town, Bondowoso, then I got another job as a shop keeper, then I got another job that I thought was the better one, but it was not. Then I got another again as a seller of language laboratory, then I became an online seller of children book, also of beauty product.

Really, I need a job which can give me guarantee to get a better life without working hard, but I think that’s impossible. Yeah, several months ago I was joining a teaching practice for two months, because I am a student of English department in faculty of education and teacher training here. Really, I don’t like doing a routine activity. Become a teacher is the willing of some people here. They want to work as a teacher because of the salary and they don’t need to work hard.

Several weeks ago I got a new job, I had thought, I would be hired indoor, but, really I didn’t predict that I would be hired as a seller of teaching media to schools. Oh my God! But I did it, selling the products from school to school. And I made money from that.

But, I don’t like it, because I pay the teachers in order they suggest the students to buy. Whereas, I know that the students here don’t have enough money to buy the media I sell. So, I decide to stop to work from tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter for me. I have got another job, as a seller again. Hahahahaa, really, I don’t want it, but I need the money. I started it last month, and I have made some money though I’ve just done it online. I was happy because I got money, but something made me got little headache, because the both buyer repeatedly complained me of coming late the products. For me, I will be paid because of my responsibility, not of the products I sell. I said them the real about that and I asked them to forgive me.

But, really, I felt very happy when they told me that they have received the products and said thanks to me. I replayed, “Don’t mention it. I hope your business will be more successful.” In my mind, they are my brother. I have products that may be useful for them and they need the products. I like to have many brethrens and sisters. I get reward is not of the product I sell, but of my responsibility to help them.

 *Rugyinsun   (My true story)